Hi there, we are Maddy and Pip and we wanted to tell you more about who we are and why we set up Maddy & Pip. 

How we met

So we met in 2022 when Maddy was a guest speaker in an online membership community where Pip was a member. Pip sent Maddy a DM realising she lived in the same neighbourhood – Crystal Palace in south east London – and a friendship was formed. Pip joined Maddy’s online membership as a resident expert and they had a ‘meeting’ in the local pub. Needless to say we got on like a house on fire bonding over our passion for our businesses, cats and colourful hair. Since then we often pop to the pub for ‘meetings’ or even a quick supermarket trip if we’re both free during the day. It’s been amazing to have a friend to do that with, when so many people we know have 9-5 jobs.

What we realised

We quickly realised that our situation was unique – to have local biz pals who live within walking distance! We got to wondering how we could increase our circle and invite others, so when Gipsy Hill Brewery got in touch in December 2023 we knew this could be The One! Maddy can regularly be found propping up the bar in the Douglas Fir in Anerley, so we were keen to hold cosy socials for other women in biz who could find local small biz pals and hang out, collaborate and connect. These things are SO often overlooked, particularly when it comes to women in community, which is why we are so happy when you book your tickets!

About Maddy 

Hi, I’m Maddy Shine, small biz business mentor and visibility expert. After gaining a business degree and then losing my marketing job in the 2010 recession, I went travelling and discovered the joys of working online.

Since 2012  I’ve guided thousands of women-owned business legends how to take up space on the internet (and a lot longer telling people what to do!)

From the early years of learning to code my own website as a teenage nerd in the 90s, and now with over 20 years in the online marketing space, I have developed a sassy but soft approach to life, and business. You see, I love supporting brilliant business owners get more sales through learning and connecting in community. I have been described as actual human sunshine – you can even use my GIFs which have been seen over 670 million times around the world!  

I believe education is key to supporting women to thrive. I am passionate about ALL women earning their own money, their independence and their freedom. We have SO many responsibilities handed to us, but with education we have choice.

We support and we cheer and we flourish.

I am easily spotted by her blue hair and loud laugh. Fun fact: Sandi Toksvig once called me a clever girl, a fact I cherish daily. You can come say hi and follow me on Instagram here @maddy.shine, and check out more about me on my website maddyshine.co.uk. Excitingly, I am also about to launch a second brand Sassy & Soft designing WordPress websites for women-owned service providers and creatives. You can find more about that here sassyandsoft.co.uk

About Pip 

Back to the beginning… I graduated with a BA Hons from the University of Lincoln in graphic design in 2004 (2004. 2004?!). I went straight into my first web design job a few months after leaving so I learnt on the job. I love the feel of creating something that works and I can fiddle with to get just right.

In 2009 I started working freelance, full time, until I had my 2nd child. The work slowed down (as did my energy)… then I had a 3rd child and my maternity leave ended a week into the first lockdown so I had 3 small children at home with me.

That’s when I started up The Consious Party Box – Plastic Free party kits for kids Then The Bobbing Dot – prints for nurseries and kids bedrooms (like I didn’t have enough to do with 3 kids locked in a home).

Now I am back to web design, specialising in Shopify – on my own terms. Working with small businesses has been so amazing, I have rediscovered my love of web design, and can’t wait to do more. It’s a completely different experience dealing with small businesses that genuinely love their products, are emotionally invested and show so much enthusiasm and excitement for what you have done. It’s just a great, energetic collaboration of 2 small businesses working towards the same goal!

Say hi on instagram @webdesigandstuff and you can check out all my Shopify services over here: webdesignandstuff-bypip.com